Luna for Leesa is a Facebook chatbot that helps people form healthy sleeping habits.

My Role: Research, Conversation Flows & User Testing


People today are having trouble sleeping. Whether it's getting to sleep or staying asleep, people are losing more and more hours of crucial restorative time. Lack of sleep results in anxiety, stress, poor performance and an unhappy human.


How can Leesa, a mattress brand, help resolve lack of sleep issues when the brand itself isn't the problem? Leesa can position themselves as a leader of healthy sleeping in their industry. 


My team created a chatbot for Leesa called, Luna, to establish healthy sleeping habits and meditation practices to help people find a sleep schedule and a meditation practice that works for them. 

Video of Luna for Leesa chatbot on Facebook 

How We Built Luna

Research & Discovery 

We started the research process with an open discussion on Instagram. We said, "I'd love to talk to our about your mattress & sleeping habits," and let the conversation flow from there. We talked to about 12 sleepers with a variety of different sleep issues and mattresses. 

Quotes from our R&D conversations that stood out the most

Luna's Persona 

Based on the sleepers needs, we arrived to Luna's personality. She’s got your back. Luna is a caregiver. She’s compassionate, moderately positive and a little bit of a rebel. Sleepers are drawn to Luna because she always tries to see the best in them and puts their needs before her own. I mean duh, she’s an AI after all. Luna spews facts about sleep, gives mindfulness tips and helps form healthy sleep schedules and habits with a little bit of spunkiness and wit. 

Luna's profile picture

Building Conversation Flows

Once we identified Luna's voice, my team and I went through various conversation flows between Luna and our users. We went through several routes a sleeper could take and inserted both Luna's personality and sleep tips and meditation practices. 

Screenshots from our conversation flows

User Testing

By removing our blinders, my team was able to make improvements and adjustments based on their feedback and machine error. Sleepers told us when Luna was responding too quickly or when she was overwhelming them. They also told us when to inject GIFS to make Luna feel more emotional and human. The feedback allowed for a more organic and transparent conversation flow. 

Screenshots from our user tests


Humans don't want to be fooled. They want to know when they are talking to someone who is real and when they're talking to a robot. They're apprehensive of machine learning. By making light of the situation and being honest about who Luna was, we realized this built more brand trust for Leesa. 

We also see this project as V1 of Luna. We know that social media is one of the main causes of sleep deprivation, so ultimately, Luna would live on an AI platform like Amazon Alexa. We used the Facebook chat becuase it was important for us to learn the process of creating conversation flows and building a chatbot. 


Kelsey Cowan, Experience Designer

Catherine Gellatly, Experience Designer

Andrea Owens, Experience Designer